Published Fanfiction List

Published FanFiction List

The list contains the published names and authors of Twilight FanFiction that have been pulled (and some are still on the net) to be published.  It is arranged as the title and author of the FanFiction version, then the title and author of the published version.

·         12.21.12 by hopefulwager
published as 12.21.12

·         30 days of Darkness by mkystich          
published as Black Rose by Kris Thompson

·         A Debt Repaid by Nyddi
published as A debt Repaid by N. Isabelle Blanco

·         A Different Kind of Pain by Sparklingwand
published as The Truth in Lies and The Certainty of Deception
by Jeanne McDonald
·         A Forbidden Love by TwiloverSue
published as Innocence and Protection by Elise de Sallier

·         A Four Letter Word by teamedwardalways
published as A Four Letter Word by Michelle Lee
·         A House of Cards by DefinitelyStaying
Published as A House of Cards (Deconstructing Ethan)
by JP Barnaby

·         A Multitude of Sins by lvtwilgiht09
published as A multitude of Sins by HE Regis

·         A Pound of Flesh by jaxon22
to be published … ...details to follow

·         Across the Hall by Zephersky
published as Across the Hall by NM Facile

·         Add It Up by lion in the land
published as Three Daves by Nicki Elson
·         Addictive Lunacy by Nyddi
published as Addictive Lunacy and Compulsive Fascinations
by N. Isabelle Blanco

·         Against all Odds by twilightcrazy
published as Henry & Sarah by Suzanne Kadrak

·         Aim High by texasbella
published as Unchained Melody by RE Hargrave

·         All Cried Out by Hannah81
published as Pieces of Us by Hannah Downing

·         All Falls Down by AydenMorgen
published as All Falls Down by Ayden K. Morgen

·         All Grown Up by Saewod
published as All Grown Up by Sadie Grubor
·         Animate Me by abstract way
published as Animate Me by Ruth Clampett

·         Arrangement by QuantumFizzx
published as Plain Arrangement by KQ Salsbury

·         Bad News Bella by 107yearoldvirgin to be
published as Bad News Bella by Amber L. Johnson

·         Battle Hymns by chels926
published as Battle Hymns by Cara Langston

·         Bear Creek Road by Jonesn
published as Bear Creek Road by LC Morgan

·         Bella's Ass Whipping, My Father's Boss, The Handmadies, Edward's Forbidden Fruit, There's Nothing Wrong With Me, Edward's Little Girl by Silverblossoms published as My Little Book of Erotic Tales by Jordan Silver

·         Bella's Booty Call by Silverblossoms1
published as My Best Friend's Daughter and Loving My Best Friend's Daughter
by Jordan Silver

·         Bella's Lament by Tat2missy
published as Valerie's Lament by MJ Hawks

·         Bella's Secret by Cullen818
published as Jocelyn's Choice by Ella Jade

·         Beyond Twilight by Oliviamk1218
to be published…...details to follow

·         Bittersweet by Jasper1863Hale
published as My Bittersweet by N Wood

·         Black and White by vixen1836
to be published as Black and White by Tiffany Madison

·         Blow Me Away by Deavlyn aka TwilightDarkness82
published as Blow Me Away by Samantha Blair

·         Bounty by Skeezon to be
published as Held Against You by Season Vining

·         Boycotts and Barflies by vjgm
published as Boycotts and Barflies by Victoria Michaels

·         Brave by Sunking
Published as Side Effects by Jennifer M. Barry

·         Breach by Catastrophia
Published as Breach, Dissolution, Infraction and Reciprocity
by K.I. Lynn

·         Breathing Again by heylittlelovely aka Hazeleyes71790
published as More Than You Know by Alexandria Rhodes

·         Bring Me To Life by lindseyfair
published as Lies Inside by Lindsey Gray

·         Broken Headboards, Power Panties and Penis Charms by Nyddi
to be published as Broken by N. Isabelle Blanco

·         Building Hope by shellshock81
to be published … ...details to follow

·         Caged Skylark by QuinnLark
to be published as The Broken Wings Trilogy by Madi Merek
·         Can You Hear Me by Jasper1863Hale
published as The Sound of Silence by N Wood
·         Cat o' Nine Tails by booboo.kitty 2.0
published as Cat o' Nine Tails by Patricia Leever

·         Chances by themissmod
published at Everything But The Girl by Lauren Tompkins

·         Claiming You by Silverblossoms
published as The Claiming by Jordan Silver

·         Client Number 5 by Holly Holiday aka Hannah81
published as Client Number 5 by Joy Fulcher

·         Clipped Wings and Inked Armor by HunterHunting
published as Cupcakes and Ink, Clipped Wings, Between the Cracks, Inked Armor and Cracks in the Armor by Helena Hunting

·         Closer by Teambella23
to be published as Closer by Mary Elizabeth

·         Cocktails and Dreams by whynot aka fatally obsessed
published as Cocktails and Dreams by Autumn Markus

·         Coffee, Trees and Me by suzie55
published as All I Want: A Tryst With a Twist by S.L. Scott

·         Color of Loneliness by ExquisiteEdward
published as Color of Loneliness and Color of Forgiveness
by Madeleine Beckett

·         Colorblind by Bee1982
to be published ...details to follow

·         Conflicted by Hank's Lady
to be published ...details to follow 

·         Contextual Romance by hopefulwager
published as Contextual Romance by Killian Mcrae

·         Crave by AydenMorgen
published as Crave by Ayden K. Morgen

·         Crushed Seraphim by Mrs.TheKing
published as Crushed Seraphim and Bittersweet Seraphim
by Debra Anastasia

·         Cullen's Crew by silverblossoms
published as Lyon's Crew by Jordan Silver

·         Cure For Pain by Zephersky
published as Cure For Pain by NM Facile

·         Cursing Fate by Callipe Jones
published as Cursing Fate by Meghan Kelly

·         Cursive by Phoebe44
published as Cursive by Phoebe Lane

·         Dakota Skies by maryhell
to be published ...details to follow

·         Darkness by cherry.blossomz
published as A Flawed Heart by April Emerson

·         Daylight by Segolily
published as Daylight by Lily Kleiman
·         Dead On My Feet by Cesca Marie
published as Wake and Love Among Pigeons by Abria Mattina

·         Deep in the Heart by amorejenaue
published as A Fire So Deep by A Jameson

·         Divinity by boobookitty2.0
published as Clarity, Divinity and Entity by Patricia Leever

·         Do You Remember Me? And Why Don't You Remember Me? by kurbyjoon
published as You Must Remember This by Shanna Vollentine

·         Don't Forget to Remember Me and A Love Like This by OliviaMK1218
published as The Future of Our Past, Don't Forget To Remember Me and A Love Like This By Kahlen Aymes

·         Don't Tell Alice, Don't Tell Peter and Tell Me by instantkarmaGilr
published as Don't Tell

·         Down On Main Street by Carolinacullen2012
published as Main Street by Alexis Raye Hudson
·         Dusty by YellowBella
published as Innocents and Delinquents
by Mary Elizabeth and Sarah Elizabeth

·         Eclectic Tastes by texasbella
published as The Food Critic by RE Hargrave

·         Edible Delectables by ChrystelleBelle
published as Edible Deletables by Amy Wiseman

·         Edward's Night Crawler by silverblossoms
published as Night Visits by Jordan Silver

·         Edward's Passion by silverblossoms
published as Passion by Jordan Silver

·         Edward's Spitfire by silverblossoms
published as La Bocca (mouth) by Jordan Silver

·         Edward Wallbanger by feathersmmmm
published as Wallbanger, Rusty Nailed and Last Call
by Alice Clayton

·         Eight Days A Week by 107yearoldvirgin
published as Eight Days A Week by Amber L. Johnson

·         Emancipation Proclamation by Kharizzmatik
published as Sempre and Sempre: Redemption by JM Darhower

·         End Island by xlavendermoonx
published as Harbour Falls by SR Grey

·         Enemy Mine by alexanya07 to be
published as Enemy Mine by Carrie Ellen Randall

·         Exposure by RandomCran & Morgan Locklear
published as Exposure by Morgan & Jennifer Locklear

·         FAP by 107yearoldvirgin
published as FAP (For Authentication Purposes)
by Amber L. Johnson

·         Feral Blood Saga by Blood of Your Lips
published as Feral: Part One by Arisa Baumann

·         Finding Bella by ekimmuh
published as Slave, Need and Truth by Sherri Hayes

·         Fix You by chocaholic123
published as Fix You by Carrie Elks

·         Fixing Bella by CullensTwiMistress
published as Fixing Ashley by Melissa Gardener

·         Forgotten Love by kat07cullen
published as Dear Sam by Kathleen Duncan

·         Fourteen by crimsonmarie
published as Fourteen by CM Smith
·         For Love of Isabella by Silverblossoms
published as Forbidden by Jordan Silver

·         Frontline by MissAlex
published as Frontline by Alexandria Richland

·         Full Disclosure by Betty Smith
published as Beside Your Heart,
Disclosure of the Heart and Forever Your Heart
by Mary Whitney

·         Generational Sins by TwilightDarkness82 aka Deavlynn
published as Generational Sins by Samantha Blair

·         Gilded Cage by MissAlex
published as Gilded Cage by Alexandra Richland

·         Glycerine by Livie79
published as Hollywood & Vine by Olivia Evans

·         Guarding Bella Swan by coachlady1
published as Being Chased by Harper Bentley
·         Half Truths and Full Circles by admittedlyobsessed
published as Between the Lies by Alison Oburia

·         Happy Anniversary Jasper and You Can’t Stop Loving Someone Just Like That by sue273 published as Hearts of Glass by Lily G Blunt

·         Harkham's Case by scarlettplay
published as Harkham's Case, Harkham's Choice and Harkham's Corner
by Chanse Lowel

·         Hate You by Frankietown
published as Hate You by Frankie Town

·         Heartbreak Remedy and A Beautiful Disaster by Daria Chenowith
published as Caught in the Middle by Kira Barker

·         Hero by SparklingWand
published as A Ray of Hope by Jeanne McDonald

·         His Grandfather's Watch by owenic
published as His Grandfather's Watch by NR Walker

·         Holding Out For You by ObsessingOverEdward
published as Ready To Love Again by Annalyse Knight
·         How To Date A Movie Star, How To Marry a Movie Star and How To Live With A Movie Star by Redtini published as The Trouble With Dating a Movie Star and The Trouble With Marrying a Movie Star by Z.N. Willett
·         How To Fix a Pretty Boy by XquisiteProdigy
published as How To Fix A Pretty Boy by Londyn Kate
·         How To Save a Life by unholy.obsession
published as Broken: The First Fall, Broken: The Slippery Slope and Broken: The Heart of Hope by K.A. Cozzo

·         Hydraulic Level 5 by Gondolier
published as Hydraulic Level 5 by Sarah Latchaw

·         I Love LA by feathersmmmm
published as The Unidentified Redhead, The Redhead Revealed and The Redhead Plays Her Hand by Alice Clayton

·         I Love Mr. North by walkingwithgiants
published as Lingus by Mariana Zapata

·         I Only Want You For Your Body by whynot aka fatallyobsessed
published as The Art of Appreciation by Autumn Markus

·         I Plead The Fifth by teamedwardalways
published as The Best Man by Michelle Lee

·         Impact by nise7465
to be published as…...details to follow

·         In Plain Sight by Dishie
to be published…...details to follow

·         In Your World by solostintwilight
published as Healing Faith and Renewing Hope by Jennyfer Browne

·         Indivisible by QJMom
published as Indivisible by Jessica McQuinn

·         Isla De Cullen by CaraNo
to be published as…...details to follow

·         Isabella After Dark by OliviaMK1218 published as Angel After Dark, Confessions After Dark and Promises After Dark by Kahlen Aymes

·         It Ends Tonight by faerie Kitten to be
published as Exposure by Michelle Birbeck

·         Just Wait by instantkarmagirl
published as Old Wounds,Little Battles, Weight of the World and Where All Things Grow by NK Smith

·         Kissed by Twilight by kit1313
published as Captured at Nightfall by Kitrisha Rasmussen

·         Knock Love Out by danieller123
published as Knock Love Out by Pella Grace

·         L'Amore Perfetto by IThinkINeededThat
published as L'Amore Perfetto by Cynthia Kimball

·         L'Est de Calais by starfish422
published as Beyond The Spanish Road by Annie Kaye

·         Lapped Traffic by Jaydmommy
published as Happy Hour by Shey Stahl

·         Last Tango in Forks by AwesomeSauce76
to be published as The Apartment and The Black Canvas by Amanda Black

·         Late Night With Aro by Mrs.TheKing
published as Late Night with Andres by Debra Anastasia

·         Learning To Feel by owenic
published as Learning to Feel by NR Walker

·         Learning To Say No by ShilohPR
published as Awkward Octopus Learns to Say No by Shiloh P. Rose

·         Lessons Learned by DefinatelyStaying
published as Lessons Learned by JP Barnaby

·         Let’s Get Physical by Lalina
     published as Let’s Get Physical by Elle Fiore

·         Life, Liberty and Pursuit by aerosoldoc
published as Life, Liberty and Pursuit by Susan Kaye Quinn

·         Living Backwards by ciaobella27
published as Living Backwards by Tracy Sweeney

·          Original Works b Butterfly Betty
Forbidden Awakenings by Lisa Bilbrey

·         Magic at Macy's by KlrTwiLuver
published as Magic at Macy's by Liv Morris

·         Marital Bitch by Jillian Landers
published as Marital Bitch by JC Emery

·         Master of the Universe I and II by Snowqueens Icedragon
published as Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades of Freed by EL James

·         Maybe by 107yearoldvirgin
published as Maybe by Amber L Johnson

·         Midnight Caller by Nocturnal Emissions
published as Midnight Caller and Midnight Eternal by NJ Cole

·         Million Dollar Baby by clpsuperstar
published as A Million Dirty Secrets and A Million Guilty Pleasures by CL Parker

·         Modern Arrangement by saewod
published as Save the Date, Here Comes The Bride and Happily Ever Addendum by Sadie Grubor

·         Monkey Business by clpsuperstar
to be published as Monkey Business by CL Parker

·         Moving On Without Him by txgal77 published as Moving On Without Him by JP Summers

·         My Esteemed Colleague by Betty Smith
published as Compromising Positions by Mary Whitney

·         My Fiance is Edward Cullen by amoet
to be published as You'll Say Yes by Tri Amutia

·         Near You Always by ebalways
to be published ...details to follow

·         Need by Catastrophic Malfunction
to be published as Need by KI Lynn and Need by N. Isabelle Blanco

·         News To Me by Heartbroken1
published as Fade to Black by Morgan Kearns

·         Obsession by LadyTazz aka Jackson's Cupcake
published as Obsession by Tamaria Soana

·         Offside by Savage7289
published as Offside by Shay Savage

·         On The Run by My Secret
published as Blacklisted by Maria Delaurentis

·         Once Upon A Desire by bornonhaloween
published as Once Upon A Temptation

·         Opener vs Headliner by saewod
published as Falling Stars by Sadie Grubor

·         Order of the Seers by Littlewing2
published as Order of the Seers and Order of the Seers: The Red Order
by Cerece Rennie Murphy

·         Otherwise Along by Savage7289
published as Otherwise Alone by Shay Savage

·         Oxford Blues by Sue273
published as A Darker Shade of Oxford Blue by Lily G. Blunt

·         Pacifically You by RobstenCuteness
published as Pacifically You by Christie A.C. Gucker

·         Pain Management by Discordia81
published as Pain Management by Brigham Vaughn
(part of the Dr. Feelgood Anthology)

·         Parisian Fairytale by Lousie Lewin
to be published…...details to follow

·         Passion Fish by admittedlyobsessed and qjmom
published as Passion Fish by Alison Oburia and Jessica McQuinn

·          Pilfered by XquisiteProdigy
 published as Pilfered by Londyn Kate

·         Pine Tar & Sweet Tea by afragilelittlehuman
published as Pine Tar & Sweet Tea by Kerry Freeman

·         Porcelain Heart by queenofgrey
published as What You Leave Behind by Jessica Katoff

·         Poughkeepsie by Mrs.TheKing
published as Poughkeepsie and Return To Poughkeepsie and Saving Poughkeepsie by Debra Anastasia

·         Pros and Cons by SydneyAlice to be published as…...details to follow

·         Puddle Jumping by 107yearoldvirgin
published as Puddle Jumping by Amber L Johnson

·         Punishment by arianawhitlock
published as Delayed Gratification by Jessie McAna

·         Quiet Storm by SexylexiCullen
to be published…...details to follow

·         Rebel Without a Cause by MissAlex
published as Starlight by Alexandra Richland

·         Reconnecting Roads by MidnightLove87
published as The Long Road Home by Jessica Lee

·         Righteous and Wicked by cherry.blossomz
published as The Righteous and the wicked by April Emerson

·         Ruthless People, The Untouchables and Deep Six by RuthlesslyYours
published as Ruthless People, The Untouchables and American Savages
by J.J. McAvoy

·         Same Time Tomorrow, Ms Swan by Savage7289
published as Savaged (A Collection of Short, Erotic Stories)
by Shay Savage

·         Saving Myself by 107yearoldvirgin
published as Saving Myself by Amber L Johnson

·         Savior by twilightbyus aka LendMeYourHrt
published as A Brand New Ending by S.A. Rolls

·         Screwing Up by NeuroticMuse413
published as How To Lose Yourself In One Year or Les by G Pardon

·         Seattle's Most by mslizabeth
to be published…...details to follow

·         Seattle's Premier Dating Website by justreadme
published as Perfect Match by JJ Ryan

·         Second Chance by Britchick69
published as A Second Chance by Rebecca Harper

·         Sex, Distractions and Rock ‘n’ Roll by teamedwardalways
published as Sex, Desires & Rock n’ Roll by Michelle Lee

·         Sexual Napalm by KlrTwiLuver
published as Adam’s Apple, Temptation and Adam’s Fall
by Liv Morris

·         Shackled by Mrs.TheKing
published as Debra Anastasia

·         Shamrocks and Shenanigans by mathisson
published as Shamrocks and Secrets by Cayce Poponea (fic is still up)

·         Shattered and Shrouded by Red20881
published as Shattered and Shrouded by Helene Montalvo

·         Sixty Five Hours by owenic
published as Sixty Five Hours by NR Walker

·         Slaves To The Moon by Skeezon
published as Beautiful Addiction by Season Vining

·         Sleepers, Awake: Wchet auf, ruft uns die Stimme by Fiesty Y. Beden
published as Sleepers, Awake by Eden Barber

·         Slick As Ides by Chanse Lowell
published as Slick As Ides by Chanse Lowell

·         Smoky Rooms and Hardwood Floors by busymommy
published as Smoky Rooms by Laura Braley

·         Snowbound by Edward's Eternal
published as Into The Storm by Melaine Moreland

·         Spoons Are For Marmalade Skies by Vespers
published as Vespers by Kera Fox

·         Steamy Windows by BettiGefecht
published as Countdown to Ecstasy by Betti Gefecht

·         Stitches and Scars by Bittenev
published as Stitches and Scars by Elizabeth A. Vincent

·         Storm Warning by SydneyAlice
published as Force of Nature by Sydney Logan

·         Strawberry Wine by kas90
to be published…...details to follow

·         Sub Plans by SnowWhiteHeart
published as How To Discipline Your Vampire by Mina Vaughn

·         Surviving Bella by Savage7289
published as Surviving Raine by Shay Savage

·         Swim Tadpole, Swim by Scarlettplay
to be published…...details to follow

·         Swimming Against The Tide by pbswimmer
published as Streamline by Jennifer Lane

·         Take The Cake by sandyk199
published as Take the Cake by Sandra Wright

·         Taking Chances by Faerie Kitten
published as Last Chance by michelle Birbeck

·         Taking What He Wants by Silverblossoms
published as Taking What He Wants by Jordan Silver

·         The Betty Chronicles by Emily Bowden
published as A Betty's Pledge by Emma Husher

·         The Billionaire Bum by Deavlynn aka TwilightDarkness82
published as The Billionaire Bum by Samantha Blair

·         The Caged Bird Sings by suzie55
published as A Prior Engagement by SL Scott

·         The Cliff by RobstencCuteness
published as The Cliff by Christie A.C. Gucker

·         The Debt by DelphiusFanfic
published as Indebted by A.R. Hawkins

·         The Debt by Ta Paixo
to be published…...details to follow

·         The Demons In My Dreams by littlecat358
published as Angel of Redemption by J.A. Little

·         The Difference Between Love and Obligation by GreatEscape
to be published as…...details to follow

·         Dirty South Drug Wars by Hoodfabulous
to be published ...details to follow

·         The Dirty Thirty by Hoodfabulous
published as The Dirty Thirty by Jessa Kaye

·         The Diva Diaries by KiyaRaven
to be published as Bad Romeo and Broken Juliet by Leisa Rayven

·         The Education Of Professor Cullen by sheviking
to be published as Absolute Beginners by SJ Hooks

·         The Elusive Mr. Cullen by dariachenowith
published as Hunter & Prey and Bait by Kira Barker (spring 2015)

·         The Fobidden Room by DefinitelyStaying
published as The Fobidden Room by JP Barnaby

·         The Geheime Vernietiging and The Last Mission by amoredjenaue
to be published ...details to follow

·          The Gentleman from Washington State by Betty Smith
published as A Political Affair by Mary Whitney

·         The Gift by mamasutra
published as The Gift by Scarlett L. Miller

·         The Girl and The Vampire by dolly378
published as The Dawn, The Girl, The Elite and The Vampire by Donna Scholefield

·         The Golden Apple of discord by IvoryAdulation
published as The Golden Apple of Discord by Lauren Hodge

·         The Good Luck Club by Lolo84
to be published as High Stakes by Lore Ree

·         The Hostage by EBalways published as Into THe Dark by Stacy Green also republished as Into the Devil's Underground

·         The Hunter and The Hunted by URmylifenow11111
published as The Hunter and The Hunted by Amanda A. Campos

·         The iMac Fiasco by hunterhunting
to be published as The Librarian Principle by Helena Hunting

·         The Last of My Kind by Faerie Kitten
published as The Last Keeper by Michelle Birbeck

·         The Little Drummer Boy by SydneyAlice
published as The Little Drummer By Sydney Logan

·         The Live In Postion by saewod
published as Live In Postion by VS Tice

·         The Lost Boys by hwimsey
published as Grave Refrain by Sarah M. Glover

·         The Lucky Charm by bethaboo
published as The Lucky Charm by Beth Bolden

·         The Man In The Trailer by addicted-to-romione-bedward
 to be published…...details to follow

·         The Merman by EZRocksAngel
published as Taboo and Holiday Hijinks by Roxy Queen

·         The Misapprehension of Bella Swan by HunterHunting
to be published as Plucked by Helena Hunting

·         The Office by tby789
published as Beautiful Bastard Series by Christina Luaren (Lolashoes)

·         The Perfect Wife by rmcrms5
published as The Darkness of Perfection by Michael Schneider

·         The Plan by QuantumFizzx
published as The Plan by Qwen Salsbury

·         The Purple Heart by RobstenCutenss
published as The Purple Heart by Christie A.C. Gucker

·         The Revenger by Mrs.TheKing
to be published as The Revenger by Debra Anastacia

·         The Sacrifical Lamb by Lalina
published as The Sacrifical Lam by Elle Fiore

·         The Savage and The Saint by JonesnInDaHood
published as The Savage and The Saint by LC Morgan

·         The Songs of Angels by DeltaDawn’sDreams
published as Unforgettable by Kimberly Foster

·         The Submissive, The Dominant and The Training by Tara Sue Me
published as The Submissive, The Dominant and The Training
by Tara Sue Me

·         The University of Edward Masen by Sebastien Robichaud
published as Gaabriel's Interno, Gabriel's Rapture and Gabriel's Redemption
by Sylvain Reynard

·         The Vagina Monologues by jtmd24
published as Seduction and Snacks by Tara Sivec

·         The Weight Of Words, The Tongue Set Free and The Swan Files by georgeygirl published as The Weight of Words, Better Deeds Than Words and The Truest Of Words by Georgina Guthrie

·         There's A Crack In Everything by bellemeer
published as Same Page and The Race Is On by Lily Velden

·         Thief of Hearts by pattyrose
to be published…...details to follow

·         Time of Salt by Scarletplay
to be published…...details to follow

·         To Love Again by amoet
published as To Love Again by Tri Amutia

·         To Serve is Divine by texasbella
published as To Serve Is Divine, A Divine Life and Surreal
by R.E. Hargrave

·         Torn by Hank's Lady
to be published…...details to follow

·         Training Bella by TwilightDarkness82 aka Deavlynn
published as Innocence Tempted by Samantha Blair

·         Transcendence by Savag7289
published as Transcendence by Shay Savage

·         True Love Way by TeamBella23
to be published as True Love Way by Mary Elizabeth

·         Trust In Advertising by vjgm
published as Trust In Advertising by Victoria Michaels

·         Turning Tables by jtmd24
published as A beautiful Lie by T.E. Sivec

·         Twice As Long As Yesterday by hopefulwager
published as Twice As Long As Yesterday: A Love By Any Measure & In The Lord's Embrace by Killian McRae

·         Vespers by spoons are for marmalade skies
published as Vespers by Kera Fox (the fic is still up)

·         Walk Away by hidingfromsome
published as Another Way by Anna Martin

·         Want No More and What I Want by Savage7289
published as Savaged (A Collection of Short, Erotic Stories)
by Shay Savage

·         Watching Waiting by Jaydmommy
publsihed as Waiting For You by Shey Stahl

·         Welcome to the drama Academy by twilighluver001
published as Welcome to the Drama Academy by Melody Hope Mason

·         Welcome To Paradise by suzie55
published as Good Vibrations, Good Intentions and Good Sensations by SL Scott

·         Welcome to the Cameo Hotel by Catastrophia
to be published as Welcome to the Cameo Hotel by KI Lynn

·         What Child Is This? by SydneyAlice
published as Once Upon a December (A Holiday Short Story Collection)
by Sydney Logan

·         What Fills The Eye Fills The Heart by TwoTwiMoms
to be published…...details to follow

·         When Love and Hate Collide by Gelix
to be published as…...details to follow

·         When Vegas Follows you Home by saewod
published as Vegas Follows you Home by Sadie Grubor

·         Whirlwind by BlondieakaRobin
published as Whirlwind by Robin DeJarnett

·         Work of Art by abstract way
published as Work of Art by Ruth Clampett

·         Working Out The Kinks by ItHappened
published as Working Out the Kink by Kara Winters

·         You Can't Stop Loving Someone Just Like that by sue273
published as You Can't Stop Loving Someone Just like that by Lily G. Blunt

·         You Own Me and We Own The Night by BeeCute82
published as Owned by BL Wilde and Jo Matthews

·         You're As Gay As Mardi Gras by bellemeer
published as Gay As Mardi Gras by Lily Velden

·         The Selkie's Promise by Claire Bloom
published as The Selkie's Promise by Claire M. Guyan

·         Making Memories of Us by AnelGoddess1981
to be published as Remember When by A.D. Ryan

·         GYNAZOLE by Mrs. TheKing
published as Fire Down Below  by Debra Anastasia

·         Rapture by AydenMorgen to be
published as Ravished by Ayden K Morgen

Wild Orchid by elfprincess8
published as The Black Orchid by Sawyer Caine

·         New York Nights by elfprincess8
to be published … ...details to follow

·         Long Lost Family by Lolo84
to be published … ...details to follow

·         Me and Mom Fall For Edward by counselor
to be published as Me And Mom Fall For Spencer by Diane Munier

·         Bringing Bella Home by counselor
to be published…...details to follow

·         Darnay Road by Counselor
to be published as Darnay Road by Diane Munier

·         Finding My Thunder by counselor
to be published as Finding My Thunder by Diane Munier

·         Hard Hearted by counselor
to be published ...details to follow

·         Look How You Turned Out by counselor
to be published ...details to follow

·         Love Like A Hurrican by counselor
to be published ...details to follow

·         My Ex-Con by counselor
to be published ...details to follow

·         My Wounded Soldier by Counselor
to be published ...details to follow

·         Roar Like A Lion by counselor
to be published ...details to follow

·         Fortune’s Fool by Skeezon
to be published as Perfect Betrayal by Season Vining

·         Tattooed in Black by Footroza
published as Tattooed Soul by Kera Lynn

·         The Hunter's Heart by Kayleigh Cullen1918
published as The Hunter's Heart by Kayleigh Rogers

·         Claddagh and Chaos by mathisson
Published as Claddagh and Chaos by Cayce Poponea


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