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Monday Missions!

By: Elise de Sallier 

Resigned to her lonely fate, Bella risks her life to rescue a man left for dead by enemy soldiers. Edward turns out to be a little more than she bargained for, his presence awakening dangerous desires and inspiring dreams that could change her life—and the course of a Kingdom—forever. A Cinderbella tale.

Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Drama - Bella, Edward - Chapters: 24 - Words: 93,647 - Reviews: 2,482 - Favs: 2,008 - Follows: 1,938 - Updated: Aug 7, 2014 - Published: Dec 18, 2013 - Status: Complete - id: 9935251

Dead Man Walking
By: MandyLeigh87 

When graduate student Isabella Swan decides to write her final paper on death row inmate Edward Masen, she promises her mother she won't get too involved. She couldn't have been more wrong. Rated M for language, content. B/E Mini Fic

Rated: Fiction M - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 13 - Words: 18,577 - Reviews: 1,194 - Favs: 1,316 - Follows: 595 - Updated: Feb 29, 2012 - Published: Aug 17, 2011 - Status: Complete - id: 7297320

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Weekly Wrapup!

Rated M!

Edward wasn't the only vampire to find Bella's scent mouthwatering. A delay in her journey meant she never made it to Forks, but she did become a vampire…in the worst possible way. What sort of a newborn will she make without the Cullens to guide her, and what will she think of Edward when they meet? No rape or graphic violence. Edward & Bella HEA...eventually. COMPLETE.

This took me ALL week long to read... it's not a long fic, at all, but I kept putting it down. Which is odd. I read her fic, Once Bitten, last week and I couldn't put it down. It was far longer... longer chapter and MORE chapters, but I read that one within a few days. This one though, I kept putting down, only reading a little at a time. So in the end, I def enjoyed Once Bitten more. That was her first fic and it has a very similar theme, Bella gets turned into a vampire in the first book, a book one AU, but it was more detailed and gripped me more... here's that one:

It was so good!! If you like AUs, I highly suggest it. It's a LONG ass read, but beautifully written and very enjoyable! I had trouble putting it down to sleep! It flips the script of the entire series... what if Edward had NOT been able to resist Bella's singer's blood in biology class, what if he bit and turned her the first day they met? 

Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/7046967/1/Once-Bitten

Rated M!

Edward finally meets the love of his existence but can't resist her singer's blood. Can their fairytale love survive a horror beginning or will Bella's newborn grief, an outraged wolf pack, and the offended Volturi deny them their happily ever after? COMPLETE with a future take or two to come.

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Recommendation Thursday, Jan 20, 2017

I've just finished Once Bitten by Elise de sallier and oooh, it was so good!! If you like AUs, I highly suggest it. It's a LONG ass read, but beautifully written and very enjoyable! I had trouble putting it down to sleep! It flips the script of the entire series... what if Edward had NOT been able to resist Bella's singer's blood in biology class, what if he bit and turned her the first day they met? 

Rated M!
Edward finally meets the love of his existence but can't resist her singer's blood. Can their fairytale love survive a horror beginning or will Bella's newborn grief, an outraged wolf pack, and the offended Volturi deny them their happily ever after? COMPLETE with a future take or two to come.

Kristie recommends another fic from Elise... Hunted in Seattle, another first book AU!

Rated M!
Edward wasn't the only vampire to find Bella's scent mouthwatering. A delay in her journey meant she never made it to Forks, but she did become a vampire…in the worst possible way. What sort of a newborn will she make without the Cullens to guide her, and what will she think of Edward when they meet? No rape or graphic violence . Edward & Bella HEA...eventually. COMPLETE.

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Monday Missions, Fanfiction Edition!

Our FANFICTION plans for the week....

The Untitled Series by WhisperingWolf

Set after new Moon. The Cullens realize exactly how much damage Edward's leaving caused Bella. A few simple words can cause immense pain and emotional wounds that only a family's love can heal, specifically the love of a father. Carlisle/Bella hurt/comfort. Summary crafted by the amazing kr2009 and anhanninen!

Code of Conduct by MandyLeigh87

Disciplined Edward is hired as a bodyguard for Bella, a rebellious teen who is the police commissioner's daughter. Their relationship develops to something they don't expect, revealing inner demons for both. Rated M for language, drug use, and adult things

I'm actually most of the way through this... on chapter 32 of 43. I read most of this AGES ago but put it down for one reason or another. Planning to pick it back up this week and finish it. 

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Kellie's Fic Corner of the Week 4/24/15

Kellie's Fic Corner 4/24/15

Grad Night

One last high school event changes Bella's life in ways she never imagined, when she finds herself pregnant by an up-and-coming rock star. ** BANDWARD CONTEST ENTRY **

A story about growing up, coming to terms with life, and seeing the bigger picture.  Originally a contest entry expanded to a full story and was completed today.

Bella grow up in a small town.  One last event before graduation the senior class goes to Grad Night and get to see a hot band called New Moon.  Bella's dad is over protective and she is just glad he agreed for her to go.  She knew this would be a night she will never forget, but never in her dreams they way she thought.  Finds out she is pregnant and is scared out of her mind.  She tells her best friend but no one else.  Now a freshmen at a college on the other side of the country, where she runs into someone she never thought she will have had a chance to tell him, he is to be a father.  How will he take it?

Edward has had a hard life.  Making it big as a keyboard player for New Moon, he is living the life of a rocker.  Women fall at his feet, money and more...what can a man ask for.  Another concert just like every night changed his life for ever.  One night with a girl who is not like any other, one he can not get out of his head, one he never thought he see again is about to drop a bomb on him that will change his life.  What will he do with this news? 

This story is about growing up and finding the strength within yourself.  Sometime we are faced with impossible situations in life, our choices is what define us.  There are many forks in the road and which one we choose is what leads down to the next path and sometimes we find what our life was missing.  Trust me Edward is not perfect in this one.  But neither is Bella.   They made choices and now face the consequences.  But they come out stronger for it.  It just completed today.

Twilight - Rated: M - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 84 - Words: 245,399 - Reviews: 9824 - Favs: 1,475 - Follows: 2,206 - Updated: 6h ago - Published: Sep 26, 2014 - Bella, Edward


by momma2fan 
They grew up together. Relationships and feelings change, separating them. When an accident happens, they band together leaning on their faith, hoping that love will pull them through. AH

I loved this story.  Edward is coming home to work at his dad's firehouse.  He goes with the guys to a bar and sees for the first time a girl in years....one he cannot get out of his head now if he tries.  Bella is a school teacher, who also work's a bar.  She grew up with Edward and the gang.  She has not been lucky in love but when Edward comes back to time, sparks fly and set off the fire alarms.

As Bella and Edward get to know each other again, some strange things start to happen.  Fires start breaking out and in many places the gang hangout or go to.  Who is behind them and why? How are they connected? Will this make or break them?

This story is beyond HOT...and I am not just talking about the fires...lol.  Its well written and characters are well developed.  There is plenty of mystery and romance.  

Twilight - Rated: M - English - Friendship/Romance - Chapters: 26 - Words: 23,483 - Reviews: 766 - Favs: 334 - Follows: 319 - Updated: May 3, 2014 - Published: Jan 10, 2014 - Bella, Edward - Complete


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Kellie's Mid-Week Pics 4/22/15

Happy Hump Day
Mid-Week Picks

In Pursuit

A normal night out changes everything for two innocent sisters, who stumble upon something that will change their lives forever. Two brave U.S. marshals have to keep them hidden and keep them safe. How far are they willing to go to do what's right? Are the consequences worth it all? AH/Canon Couples/Rated M

~~My Take ~~

This story is packed with action, adventure, romance, drama, and so much more. 

Marie and her twin Mary were out have fun on a Friday night.  Marie noticing she forgot her phone at work.  The decide to go and get it, then continue with their night.  But they never imagined that just what they were about to walk into.  Marie's boss has been doing business with a major crime family, and lets just say they ended their agreement.  Marie and Mary are the only witnesses to this.  And with a major crime family involved that FBI would love to get their hands on, the girls are not number one on everyone list.  They decide to enter the witness protection program, so they can testify.  But can they handle being guarded by Edward and Jasper?

Edward has been jaded by love.  He is a US Marshal and when he gets a call from a friend in NYC about a mob hit...little did he know he would be faced with his greatest challenge yet.  This minute the guys see the girls, they have an attraction but they also have a job to do.  He being very guarded with Marie and it appears to her that he hates her.  Jasper and Mary are a different story.  The girls get new identities and become Bella and Alice.  Things are going well for the most part, till they are found out.  At that point the guys knew they had a spy in the department and to insure the girls safety they go off the grid.  Will they be found out again?  Will they give into temptation and if so what are the consequences? Will the survive or will the mob silence them?  

This story keeps you hopping.  Its a mob story....action, drama, shoot outs, chases, romance, deception, I can go on and on.  The story is a great pace and the characters are will developed.  I loved that it was not a love a first sight type of story.  An its the Sarge's Girl....how can you go wrong.  And if that is not enough, a bad boy Edward with tattoos and a bike...need I say more.  

Rated: Fiction M - English - Crime/Romance - Bella, Edward - Chapters: 36 - Words: 289,728 - Reviews: 5,344 - Favs: 3,261 - Follows: 2,722 - Updated: Dec 6, 2014 - Published: Mar 31, 2013 - Status: Complete - id: 9154475


Meyer University
By: Sh.C 

Bella moves to college where she meets and befriends the Cullens and Hales. Edward Cullen goes through many girls he meets Bella & sees something he likes. Much better Summary Inside. All Human. Adventure, mystery, humor & of course,a little romance! AU

~~  My Take  ~~

I just loved this story. Mystery, Romance, Learning, and so much more.

Bella is a Freshman in Meyer University.  She just adores her roommate Alice.  Then she meet her brother Edward.  Lets just her first impression of him is not the best. She sees him as womanizing jerk.  She loves soccer and hopes to join the team.  But then she starts to get these mysterious letters.  Who is leaving them? They want her to join a group, but first she has to prove she has what it takes.

Edward is a womanizer.  Lets just say he has a fan club and he loves it.  He sees Bella as a challenge and he is not backing down.  But he there is more to him and he has a secret.  Can he win her heart or will he be left to lie in the bed he made? Who is leaving these letter for Bella and how do they know her ancestor that attend the school? 

I loved this story.  Bella really is a strong women in this one. She learns that there is more to life that just what meets the eye.  The changes we see are gradual not instant.  Its more realistic.  And I am a sucker for a mystery.  This is an oldie but a goody.  Give it a shot.

 Fiction K+ - English - Adventure/Drama - Chapters: 63 - Words: 184,281 - Reviews: 8,205 - Favs: 5,851 - Follows: 2,156 - Updated: Jan 8, 2009 - Published: Nov 2, 2007 - Status: Complete - id: 3870116

As always the links to the fics are given and if there are more, just shoot us an email.  All these fics are complete.  See you Friday and Happy Reading!!!

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Kellie's FanFiction Recs of the Week 4/17/15

Here are my pics of some amazing Twilight FanFictions to add to that ever growing TBR list...Well we think so.   We have some "classics" and some recent ones.

Shamrocks and Shenanigans
(The Cover Above is the Actual Printed Published Cover)

Bella is working for a catering and event planning company. She has just about pulled off the reception of the year when she's introduced to Edward Cullen, mafia boss. Can he show her that even bad guys can be good .AH/CC

You have got to love Mobward.  And this one is different then most. I loved the twists in this and the development of the characters.  And some things that these two face in their relationship I can see happening to many couples. 

You have Bella, strong, confident, beautiful, and one amazing top notch business women.  She works at Save The Date Event Planning Company with a good friend Charolett.  She has a twin sister, a beautiful niece, and an amazing dad.  On the job at the biggest wedding of the year, she runs into Mike, her nieces dead-beat father. She sees him kinda having an argument with a young women.  Since its her job to keep everything running smoothly and does not want to loose business, she goes to defuse the situation.  She also does not want her sister to see him as she is also working the party.  Mike gets pissed that she blew his chances of an easy night and turns on Bella.  Before it gets too heated in walks the man that will take her life in a direction she never dreamed. 

Edward sees this beautiful women in an argument with one of his men.  He is has a secret, he is the head of the Irish Mafia family.  He has the respect of all around him and he knows it. He has his pick of any women he wants, he knows that too.  But he wants Legs aka Bella Swan.  He never thought he would have to work for it. And boy does he have his work cut out for him.  #1 mistake he calls her Legs...she hates that.

Edward finds out that Mike has been skipping child payments and takes care of it.  Bella just wants to say thank you for helping her sister and niece out, but what she doesn't understand is how she went from saying thank you to having dinner with Edward.  She knows he is in the Mafia but thinks she cannot be what he needs, as she is only going by what she has seen in movies.  After date one...She receives gifts, but does not accept them.  She has present Edward with a challenge and he is one to not back down.  And he has clearly met his match.  They both learn a great deal about each other and that sometimes you need to take a risk.  But as these two fall deeper and deeper for each other, the snakes start to make their presents known.  Its a mafia story, you know there is bound to be drama.  Will these two learn what it takes to be in a relationship? Will Bella learn that not everything she knows about the mafia to be true, especial when the Irish mafia is very different from the Italian Mafia?  Will Edward be able to win her heart or will he go too far?  Will a rival family destroy everything between these two? Will they get out alive?  Read to find out.

There is a sequel to this story Claddagh and Chaos.  But has been pulled for publication.  You can still find the first story on FanFiction.net.  

Rated: Fiction M - English - Crime/Romance - Bella, Edward - Chapters: 31 - Words: 107,124 - Reviews: 6,046 - Favs: 5,345 - Follows: 3,443 - Updated: Feb 9 - Published: Mar 28, 2012 - Status: Complete - id: 7965930

Both books have been PUBLISHED and are now available on Amazon.
 You will absolutely love them. 

Shamrocks & Secrets (Secrets #1)  by Cayce Poponea
aka Shamrocks and Shenanigans

Claddagh & Chaos (Secrets #2) by Cayce Poponea
aka Claddagh & Chaos

Amamzon: http://goo.gl/RH8O0Q

On SALE right now for $0.99 only for a limited time

Event planning, dealing with demanding clients and defusing situations before they get out of hand are all in a days work for Christi O'Rourke.  But when a mystery man seems to appear at every turn will she have the ability to handle him as well? 

Power and wealth are staples in the world of Patrick Malloy.  But when family obligations dictate his future, a future involving a certain spirited young woman, will Patrick have what it takes to win her heart or will his lifestyle place her in more danger than he ever dreamed of?

Just Released

Amazon: http://goo.gl/O3ZUv1

Shamrocks left us with Patrick posing an intriguing question. What exactly happened during those twenty five years? We know that they got their happily ever after, but how did Patrick and Christi get there? Could love have a shelf life?

You will not be disappointed.

We have reviewed both books so just hop on over to our home page to read them.

The Mistletoe Project 

When the school-labeled dork wears a Santa’s hat with mistletoe that says ‘kiss me’ to school; one girl does just that in front of the whole cafeteria. She has seen past his label and wants the rest of the school to too. But, what if there is more to it than she thought? Submission for the The Mistletoe Contest on Fanficiton.

I know it is not the holidays, but this is just an adorable story.  Its a story about growing up and sometimes you can not always judge a book by its cover.  

Bella is a high school senior who has moved to live with her father. She is popular, but never wanted to be.  She hates cliques. Its around Christmas time the new kid , who is Tanya's adorable cousin Anthony, is wearing a Santa hat with a mistletoe hanging from it and right on front reads "Kiss Me".  Tanya "Queen Bee" cannot stand to be related to a geek.  Bella on the other hand, is complete opposite.  She thinks it adorable.  And due to an event in her past, feels the need to be friends with him.  After some heated arguments in the group that she is completely against, what does she do....Kisses him in front of the whole school.  And we are not talking a sweet peck on the cheek...nope, we are talking knocking it out of the park kiss and even gets told about PDA policy by a teacher.  Then she asks him to the upcoming dance.  He asks her why, her response is simple because she wanted to. He brushes her off and tells her he has to think about it, and she is a little confused.  Next thing she know he is running off to class and she is standing there unsure of what just happened.

Anthony is the new kid in school.  One being there for a week, he is constantly bullied and made fun of.  Mostly at the hands of his "Queen Bee" cousin Tanya and her friends.  He is the true definition of a geek.  The day he wears the hat the only kiss he gets is from Mrs. Coope, until Bella asks him if he has any takers.  So she does the unthinkable and kisses him.  He is confused by her actions and doesn't believe her reasoning behind it.  But there is more to Anthony than you think.

Anthony is really Edward, and he is doing a project about stereotypes. When Bella does what she did, he thinks its just an act since she is popular and hangs out with his "Queen Bee" cousin Tanya.  But there is also more to Bella that meets the eye.  The old saying goes "you should never judge a book by its cover."  In her old school she was what you would call a loner.  There was another girl very similar to her but she got bullied.  Eventual it became too much for her and took her own life, Bella was the one who found her.  She hates cliques and bulling.  She did not what to see that happen again.  She feels guilty for not standing up for her. So, with Anthony aka Edward, she really does like him and when she learns the truth, well she rips him a new one and tells him exactly what she thinks about his way of thinking.  Will they be friends after she learns the truth? Is there more to why Edward acted the way he did to Bella?  What will Tanya do when she learn about her cousin? Can you push someone too far?  Can you recover what has been right in front of you or is it gone for good?

This story is truly about learning that not everything is as it seems but also about growing up.  It also bring to light a real issue of kids being bullied and what can come of it.  Its an ongoing and hugely growing issues in today's society.  This story was first written for the Under the Mistletoe contest and was expanded in to a full length story.  I loved that it was because the journey had just started with the O/S.  

Twilight - Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 9 - Words: 40,912 - Reviews: 373 - Favs: 500 - Follows: 492 - Updated: Jan 30 - Published: Dec 20, 2014 - Bella, Edward - Complete


The Search
by Amber1983

When Bella Swan flees to London to escape her painful and humiliating past her new life is knocked off its axis by her charismatic and ambitious boss, Edward Cullen. Can Ed unravel Bella's secrets and get what he wants without revealing his own demons...and his heart? AH. Britishward.

I loved this fic.  It was different then your standard boss/assistant stories.

Bella has to get away from her soon to be ex-Jacob, who seems to not take a hint that a divorce means you are OVER.  She is a mess and needs to find a safe place as far away from Jacob as she can get. She applies for a transfer with in the company and it is granted.  She is off to London for six months.  She is to be the new assistant to Edward Cullen.  Let's just say that she is a fish out of water. 

Edward is a workaholic and ladies man.  He is instantaneously attracted to her and when he makes a move she shoots him down.  He has no idea about her past, so he of course being a guy comes up with his own conclusions.  But he too has a past.

They work well together and start a friendship.  Then one night they cannot fight it anymore and more to the next level. They have issues then need to face, as well as tell each other about their pasts,  but they do it together.  But as always the past does not stay in the past.  Will what they learn about each other make them stronger or will they run for the hills? What is Bella's biggest problem and how will Edward truly handle it? What will happen when Bella's six months is up?  Can you truly find love again when you think that you are the cause for a failed relationship? 

This story is about discovery and learning you can over come anything as long as you believe in yourself.  And I love how the common European slang is through in this story.  It really sets the mood and is done right. Some stories go over board with it.  Not this one. the hysterical bantering between the characters will have you rolling at time. There are some serious and not so pleasant issues in this story, so you have been warned.  

Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Drama - Bella, Edward - Chapters: 31 - Words: 182,812 - Reviews: 3,385 - Favs: 2,826 - Follows: 2,406 - Updated: Jan 21, 2013 - Published: Sep 2, 2011 - Status: Complete - id: 7345952

All of these are complete and links are provided to all known sites.  IF you know of another link to the stories mentioned, shoot us a message and we will get it linked ASAP.  

Till Next Time...Happy Reading!!