Friday, January 20, 2017

Recommendation Thursday, Jan 20, 2017

I've just finished Once Bitten by Elise de sallier and oooh, it was so good!! If you like AUs, I highly suggest it. It's a LONG ass read, but beautifully written and very enjoyable! I had trouble putting it down to sleep! It flips the script of the entire series... what if Edward had NOT been able to resist Bella's singer's blood in biology class, what if he bit and turned her the first day they met? 

Rated M!
Edward finally meets the love of his existence but can't resist her singer's blood. Can their fairytale love survive a horror beginning or will Bella's newborn grief, an outraged wolf pack, and the offended Volturi deny them their happily ever after? COMPLETE with a future take or two to come.

Kristie recommends another fic from Elise... Hunted in Seattle, another first book AU!

Rated M!
Edward wasn't the only vampire to find Bella's scent mouthwatering. A delay in her journey meant she never made it to Forks, but she did become a vampire…in the worst possible way. What sort of a newborn will she make without the Cullens to guide her, and what will she think of Edward when they meet? No rape or graphic violence . Edward & Bella HEA...eventually. COMPLETE.

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